Myth: I'm not in pain so I don't need to go to the Chiropractor!

Umm no pain is the last thing to show up and the first to go away.  Think of pain as the squeaky wheel gets the grease right, but when you do it you grease down all the wheels correct.  Than when its not squeaky you just ignore it correct?  Well that is exactly what happens in the spine.  

Your nerves are very sensitive so when your spine does not move or something (disc, muscle spasm, etc...) are to close to the nerve it sends a pain signal to the brain saying hay you need to fix this or I'm going to be in serious trouble.  That's the point we Chiropractors normally see people.  Do we want to see them at this point no because we never like to see people in pain, but does it help hands down yes!!  

We want to keep the body moving and lets face it we want to be active but sometimes we do weird stuff like sit cross legged at the computer for 5 hours a day, or drive a car all over town pulling kids in and out of the car multiple times in that day.  Are we in pain when we do this?  Most of the time no, but improper body mechanics set us up for those subluxations which later down the road cause the problem.  If we take the approach to keep our spine in alignment and moving we find that we can recover faster from that "oh shoot I just moved wrong" moments.  Which leads to preventing the "oh shoot I need to go to the emergency room because I can not feel my leg anymore or I cant even walk" moments.  

So the answer is no you do not have to be in pain to be seen by the chiropractor.  We would love to see you at least once a month to keep that spine aligned and moving the way we were designed because lets face it we do crazy things all the time.  So when was the last time you have seen your Chiropractor?

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