Healthy Spines Chiropractic is a Wellness Clinic.  

We are not only a place where you can get adjustments and massages, but we also carry a wide range of products to help keep you stay healthy in between your visits with us.  Below are a few descriptions of the products we carry.  We do NOT sell our products on line.  All products must be purchased at the office.



CBD Clinic Cream


We now have several levels of CBD Cream available at the office.  Each Level has different strengths of CBD along with other Pain Relieving products.  CBD Cream is a Cannabis infused analgesic Ointment.  This cream is Legal in all Fifty States and is FDA-Approved.  It does NOT contain THC.  This will NOT ruin your sobriety. You are still able to work just minus your pain.

Want more info one the science behind it simply click HERE.

3g Samples are available at the front desk for Level 3 and Level 5.

All Levels are available for purchase in 44g Jars.


Bottled water can take up to a year to get from the bottling faculty to you.  All that time leaves little oxygen and a lot of chemicals into the water.  Here at Healthy Spines Chiropractic we have an Alkaline Water Machine. If you would like to sample the water come in and receive your free sample.  We love to share this water!!  If you would like to know more about this water or how you can get a machine yourself click HERE to see when the next demo class is. 

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.


Turmeric has been around for thousands of years so why stop now.  Here at Healthy Spines Chiropractic we offer a 100% organic and vegan supplement by the same company that our alkaline water machine comes from.  So why not take Turmeric from the same company as they use their own high quality water to grow and clean the Turmeric.  There are many health benefits to taking Turmeric such as decreased inflammation throughout the body, improved blood circulation, and it helps to promote digestive health.  Here at Healthy Spines Chiropractic we have Ukone for purchase.



What is RockTape?  RockTape is a name brand Kinesiology tape.  Kinesiology tape is a proprioceptive tape that moves with the body to help facilitate the muscles to fire properly.   This tape can also be used for muscle training, relieve minor tight muscles, and many other uses.  Stop in the office today to find out more information about the tape and how you can benefit from RockTape. 


doterra essential oils.jpg

What are essential oils?  Essential oils are the aromatic compounds that come from natural products such as plant leaves, flowers, fruit peels and other aspects of plants.  These compounds can be used for different purposes such as relaxations, digestive help, mood control and many more purposes. Healthy Spines Chiropractic also offers essential oil classes.  These classes are on the topics of what are essential oils and “How do I use the oils.”  Check out our upcoming classes HERE.  Stop in the office today to sample our essential oils.  You can also purchase your oils online by going HERE and having them shipped directly to you.


 Healthy Spines Chiropractic Supplies Tri-Core Pillows.  These pillows are not your average cervical pillows; these pillows allow you to sleep on either side and on your back all the while helping to maintain your proper cervical alignment.   These pillows come in Standard and Gentle firmness.  Stop by the clinic today and pick out the one for you.

Pressure Massage Stick

This tool is used to help muscles between your visits here at the clinic.  You can use this for the tension areas or those really tight spots such as your IT bands.  The little points help to get deep into the tissue to gently break up those adhesion's in the muscles and strong enough to release trigger-points in those same areas. 


Foam Roller

What a perfect way to loosen up those tight muscles after a work out than by foam rolling.  Foam Rollers are easy to use.  All you have to do is roll the area of issue out just like you do with a rolling pin.   


Not only can you have therapies at the office but you can also purchase this unit for your self for home care.  This unit has a timer which allows you to keep on your treatment plan.  The package includes: 1 TENS unit, 4 electrodes with replaceable pads, 1 9v battery and instruction manual.  All of those items come in a convenient hard carrying case.  

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