Healthy Spines Chiropractic is a Wellness Clinic.  


Here at Healthy Spines Chiropractic we focus on maintenance care.  Though we do see some patients for active care that is not our main focus.  Be believe that the body has the ability to heal itself.  That one Adjustment or one Massage while in pain is going to magically "fix"it overnight.  We educate our patients on the importance of maintenance care to avoid extended periods of Active care time.  What does this mean for the method of payment.  This means that we currently do not take insurance other than Medicare.  Methods of payment can be Cash, Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express), Spafinder Gift Cards,  CareCredit, Flex Spending Account (FSA), and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).  For Massage Payment as of right now Care Credit will not cover the charge.  FSA and HSA should cover it IF you have a letter of medical necessity from your primary doctor; confirm with them before taking this approach.

Gift Certificates are available for purchase at the Front Desk


Initial Chiropractic Visit: $70

Includes consultation, exam, and first adjustment

Adjustment: $35

Modalities: $20

ice/heat with Estim, Kinesiology Taping, or Ultrasound
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New Patient 1 Hour Special: $55

1 Hour Massage: $70

1/2 Hour Massage: $45

90 Min Massage: $90

2 Hour Massage: $120

Add ons

Hot Stone Massage $25

Cupping Massage $20

Sugar Scrub Massage $20

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First Visit: $70

Includes: Consultaion, AcuGraph Reading, Findings and First Treatment

Secondary Visits: $50

Secondary Visit with AcuGraph: $65

This is a Treatment Visit with an Acugraph Report

AcuGraph Reading: $40

This is a stand alone AcuGraph Reading and Report Visit


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Membership Rack Card Back.png


$60, $70, or $85 credit to used for any service or product. 

Members also receive 15% off additional services and  10% off retail items!!!!

This Membership sets you up with a line of credit to be used for any service or product we have at the office.  This allows you to stay Healthy with a variety of care options.  We allow you to bank your unused credits and or Gift it to a family member.  Though your family member would not get the extra amazing benifits you would of the 15% discount on service or the 10% off retail items as we reserve that benifit for you!  After all we are here to take care of YOU!

So if you are looking to stay Healthy but each month is diffrent than this is a plan for you.  Why would you want this over a set service Membershisp well maybe this month you started a new workout and your muscles are sore and need a massage well you can use your credit for a massage with no hassle or front desk confussion than, next month if you feel a sharp pinch picking the kids up and want an adjustment well you can use that credit for an adjustment with no hassle or change to your membership.  


Cost of Services on the membership

Acupuncture with Acugraph $56

Acupuncture  $42

Chiropractic Visit $30

1 Hour Massage Therapy $56


Packages do not have an expiration.


6 Visits with needles $285

12 Visits with needles $540



6 Chiropractic Visit $199

12 Chiropractic Visit $378



6 Half Hour Massages $256

6 One Hour Massages $370

12 Half Hour Massages $486

12 One Hour Massages $702