How does your machine make Alkaline Water

Earlier I posted that I had jumped on the band wagon of Alkaline water so here are some of the properties of the water which also influenced why I choose this machine over others, but first lets explain how this water is processed.  The water comes out of the tap and runs through a filter that pulls out the chlorine and other chemicals that are in the water.  After that it gets an electrical shock by the machine which separates the large water molecules into smaller ones.  It than runs the water over 7 titanium platinum plated plates which adds and electron to the water molecule. The water than comes out of the hose and I drink it!  Simple right, so now your asking yourself why do I need to know how the water is made?  Well you need to know this to understand why this Alkaline water is different than most.

So lets start with the filter.  Brita and Pur have been around for years now they have educated you on the fact that our government adds Fluoride, Chlorine, and other chemicals in our water in order to prevent pipe rusting and to kill most of the other really harmful stuff we do not want to know about.  Its great to know that this machine will also pull all of that out of our water before we drink it, so now your question is why not just get a filter than? One this filter only needs to be replaced every year not every month which saves in cost and they do not have the other properties of this machine as well so lets move on.

The second feature of this machine is to shock this water making the water molecules smaller.  The analogy most often used here is that of taking a tennis ball and throwing at a chain-linked fence, that is what water is like before the shock.  Now imagine throwing a golf ball at a chain link fence.  Its easier to get threw correct?  Exactly so know this water will hydrate you 80% faster than just regular water.  Allowing you to actually drink the recommend half your body weight in oz without feeling bloated or water logged.  

Which brings me to the last property of the machine the 7 titanium platinum plated plates.  These plates add the extra electron to the water molecule making it one alkaline and two negatively charged.  The alkalinity helps to neutralized our acidic bodies.  For those of you who understand that our bodies will always try to remain alkaline know that we need to pull calcium and magnesium from somewhere to maintain the balance so we pull it from our bones and muscles; hence muscle cramps, the early set of osteoporosis,  and increased findings of disc herniation in younger individuals.  The negative charge allows the water to free up the free radicals in our bodies.  We eat blueberries and drink green tea because they are high in antioxidant, so why not drink this water which you need to drink water anyways.  

So jump on the band wagon with me and be a multitasker with drinking this water!!!  If you would like to see our demo of this water check out HERE for our next demo at the office.