What is RockTape

Rocktape is functional moving tape; that can stay on you for up to 7 days (depends on the area that the tape is applied to).  It works by helping the muscles move functionally while still supporting the area in need.  I like to give my patients the example of you hurt your index finger so you hold on really tight at first right but than the squeeze you have on your figure actually causes more pain right?  OK so you lighten up yet still hold the finger it feels better right?  what happened was that you squeezed the figure cutting off the blood and nerve flow to the finger, but by pulling back slightly you allow flow back to the finger but your support is still there.  That is exactly what the tape does.  Below is an image from Rocktape.com showing how the tape does this.

I use this tape a lot in my clinic and I have seen great results with my patients with the use of this tape.  The most often taping I do is between two kinds one is the low back taping and the other is tapping for the knee.  know I have seen people use this tape instead of restricted braces.  For the knee taping sometimes that the only kind of bracing a person can get because they do not make braces for larger individuals that need to lose the weight but can not because of their knee pain, so if I can help them with that one part AWESOME!!!  The coolest results with the tape I have seen is when its used on bruises; the results speak for themselves.  

Comment below to show or tell me how you use it as I always learn form others as well.  So feel free to share  your experience as well :)