The latest Health Fad: Alkaline Water

Health fads come and go we have all seen it one year eggs are go for you and than the next its bad.  The fads come in strong and go out just as fast but this latest one is here and I sure have jumped on this one!  This time the new fad is Alkaline water.  You see it in the stores and you hear it advertised on the radio and TV, but you wonder what the benefits are or is it just some over priced gimmick.  Well today I'm going to tell you what I have found out.  You always have the final decision of what you are going to do for you and your family.

From school I knew that cancer and anything bad could not exist in an alkaline environment, but we were never taught that we could make alkaline water rather we get it from our food.  That is until I met a friend of mine Nick Nesbit who sales Alkaline Water machines.  I researched how to make Alkaline water and all other sources consisted of mixing lemon, vinegar, or baking soda together in one combination or another to achieve the desired results.  Lets face it we do not like the taste of those in our water in any combination.  Than add in the fact of all the other chemicals in that water from either the plastic from the bottle or the chemicals our government adds to the water to neutralize it so it does not rust the city pipes.  I decided to go with Nick's approach with platinum plated titanium plates.

Why did I choice this approach rather than just add lemon to my water.  One I hate lemon every time I drink water.  Two it was affordable I was already paying for water each month through a different company, so why not pay for a machine that will last 25 to 30 years that makes my water not only taste good but is helping me health wise.  Finally this water taste amazing!!!!  

So why should you drink alkaline water well that I will discuss in another post later this week, so stay tuned or you could come to one of our demos check out HERE for our next demo at the office.