Myth: I can only be seen by Chiropractors who take insurance!

There is a myth I have been trying to bust for years in my local area that you can only go to a Chiropractor who takes insurance.  The fact is NO you do not.  You can go to any Chiropractor!! In fact you should go to a Chiropractor who is right for YOU!  There are many kinds of Chiropractors out there; find one that is right for you and works for you.

Chiropractors who do not take insurance are called Cash Practice Clinics.  That by any means does not mean we only take cash it simply means we do not bill insurance companies for reimbursement. There are pros and cons to both sides just as with everything so you must find what works best  for you.  We choose to be a Cash Practice in that it was the best option for our patients in our community and the mission of our office.

There are Pros to being a cash clinic.  We can afford our over head with out having to wait for insurance companies to pay us for work we have already done.  We can keep our staffing to the minimum assuring you get the best quality of care with out having to micro manage a team of employees along with our patients just so we can get paid what the insurance companies have agreed to pay us.  We can keep our prices lower offering those who do not have Chiropractic coverage with their insurance.  What do I mean by this?  Well adjusting two different pay scales is called fee splitting and it is illegal.  What you charge the insurance company you must charge your patients without insurance the same price.  To better explain this watch the video below.