Judy Sills-Olvera  recommends Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc.  — 5 star August 17  

I could not even walk when I first went in. after 3 weeks I could touch my toes. Dr Heather is awesome. now I have my daughter going to her as well.


Charles Northrop, Jr — 5 star May 2018

Where to start? Crystal is a master at massage. I always want another hour when she finishes. She finds and eliminates any and all of the "kinks" and leaves me feeling relaxed and stress free. Heather is a fabulous chiropractor and healer. From diagnosis to adjustment and the ear seeds. I wouldn't think of ever going anywhere else.


Karen M. Avondale, AZ reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star 4/3/2018

Dr, Heather has been my chiropractor for almost three years.  She is fabulous!!! Besides being very knowledgeable, she listens to my concerns and addresses them with care. I highly recommend Dr. Heather!!!  In addition, if you're looking for a great Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, I recommend Crystal. WOW! Crystal gets right to the source of my pain and helps to alleviate it!!!
I can't say enough great things about Dr. Heather and Crystal!!!


Will Post reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star     February 9 · 


Misty Young reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star     February 5 · 


Shelissa Cruz Hardge reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star     January 25 · 

Crystal was awesome! During my massage, she really took into consideration the areas that needed the most attention. I really liked her & the massage. I'll go back, for sure.


Priscilla Yustinich was feeling relieved at Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star  October 2  

I want to thank Dr. Heather Stewart of Healthy Spines Chiropractic for getting my back to moving again. I did something to my back on Sunday and was barely able to sit ,stand or walk without severe pain. I went in this morning and I was a MESS! With some work she got me walking upright at least.! I will have some more sessions to get it completely worked out followed by a massage done by her sister who is an awesome Neuromuscular massage therapist. I have been a patient for over a year now and I sing their praises! So if anyone is looking for an awesome chiropractor or massage therapist, please go see them at Healthy Spines Chiropractic located in Avondale just south of I10 and Dysart.....your back and the rest of your body will thank you


Lori Harvin reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star September 25  

Thank you Dr. Heather for the excellent care. Every time I visit Healthy Spines Chiropractic I feel welcome and I know I will receive gentle, top notch care. Massage therapist Crystal has worked wonders and I know I am receiving the best therapeutic massages. My treatments have greatly helped my lower back pain and continues to help reduce my migraine headaches.


Carol Fuccillo reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star April 18 

I've been seeing Dr. Stewart for about two months and have experienced an increase in vitality, hormonal balance, clearer skin, and greatly reduced sinus pressure. And in only two months! I would highly recommend her!


Cynthia Mejia reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star December 20, 2016 · 

Dr. Heather is one of the best chiropractic in the west valley will definitely go back


Kevin George reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star November 16  

I never thought that acupuncture treatment would work for me. I wish I met Dr. Heather and Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. earlier. Dr. Heather dove into what issues I was having, talked about ideas she had and let me decide. I have full confidence in her, the acupuncture treatments and my body thanks me. You don't have to keep putting off feeling better...talk to Dr. Heather!


Siobhan Sackey reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star October 2  

Prior to going to Dr Heather I had spent two years seeing an ortho surgeon, a neurosurgeon, had back surgery, and countless hours of physical therapy. After all of that, I still had a lot of hip issues that kept me from walking or standing for any length of time. Just a few visits with Dr Heather and walking and standing are no longer issues for me! In fact, I just walked 2 miles in half an hour - something I haven't done since high school (let's just say that was a loooong time ago!)



Kate Hopeman reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star June 9, 2016 · 

Best sports massage I've had in a very long time. They listened to my issues and did exactly what I asked, giving feedback along the way. Rachel is awesome! Thank you Dr. Heather Stewart for the session!


Jeremy Brown reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star June 6, 2016 · 

Today marks 5 weeks after my injury (torn acl, torn meniscus, bruised femur, grade 1 knee sprain, fluid in the knee, and a hairline fracture in the ankle). Ive been walking on it without support since week 3 and i dont even wear a brace on it (unless out of the house, just in case). And i owe it all to Heather Stewart and Rachel McKnight of Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc.. They really are the best chiropractor/massage therapist combo out there. And their price to quality cant be beat. Not only did they help my hurt leg, but when my good leg was giving me issues because i had to compensate for the other, they were able to get that one feeling good too! Definitely recommend them for any soreness or any other issues.


Darcy Davis-Beghein reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc.  — 5 star April 29, 2016

Hello Friends and Family,

I would like to make you aware of the Appreciation Day at Healthy Spines Chiropractic on Dysart between Van Buren and I-10.  I have been to many chiropractors in my life, and I have to say that Dr. Heather Stewart is an amazing chiropractor!  I felt prolonged relief after she adjusted me!   She will give you the time and attention you need, as well as helping you with your chiropractic needs!  

Rachel McKnight is the the massage therapist in the office.  She gave me a fabulous massage (a full 60 minutes!).  Both women are very knowledgeable and definitely put your health needs first! They also carry essential oils and an assortment of other products that help support your health!   I cannot recommend Heather and Rachel enough!  If you can't make it on May 4, look them up online or through Facebook, check the hours, and stop by some other time. You will be so glad!

To your health!



Danilo D. reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc.  — 5 star March 22, 2016

Highly recommended Dr. Stewart for those who are looking for a chiropractor in the West Valley.  Extremely friendly and knowledgeable .  With fast and easy consultations, they give you the  piece of mind with whatever issues you're trying to resolve.


Wioleta Kapusta reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star February 15, 2016

Dr. Heather Stewart, Chiropractor and Rachel McKnight, Massage Therapist are both amazing professionals. They are always ready to listen, make the recommendations and help with my health problems. I feel so much better after my visits at Healthy Spines Chiropractic. I highly recommend to use the services of Dr. Stewart and Rachel. Thank you very much!


Darren Mullins reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star January 22, 2016 

Best chiropractic office on the southwest valley... bar none! The staff is friendly and helpful, and the treatments won't break the bank. Dr Heather Stewart and massage therapist Rachael both take their time to make sure they are giving the best treatments possible and they explain what they are doing as they go along. I highly recommend Healthy Spines Chiropractic in Avondale!


Nicholas Nesbit reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star October 30, 2015 · 

Healthy Spines Chiropractic is amazing! Dr. Heather Stewart is extremely knowledgeable and gave me some great advice on stretches. I was also able to try out an essential oil Frankincense. It really relaxed me and helped me through an exam that I had to take. I highly recommend Healthy Spines Chiropractic!


Jeremy Brown reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star August 26, 2015 · 

Awesome place! Great customer service. I sent my girlfriend to Dr Heather Stewart because all the other chiropractors have done nothing for her, but Healthy Spines took very good care of her and she's never felt better. Did I mention their AMAZING pricing as well?


Daniel Isaiah Gardner reviewed Healthy Spines Chiropractic inc. — 5 star July 16, 2015 · 

Dr. Heather went out of her way to schedule a same-day appointment for me. With most doctors, walk-ins are rushed to make room for the next patient, but Dr. Heather took her time not only adjusting, but teaching me how to avoid the pain points on my back!