Host a Spa Party

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Host a Spa Party

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Do you like going to a spa resort but do not alway have the money or the time? What if I told you that you can host your very own spa party at your own house.  All the amenities that you would have at a spa just without the hassle or expense.  We will also show you and your closest friends how you too can have a mineral shower at your own home all of the time.

You have a choice of having a Licensed Massage Therapsist, Licensed Acupuncturist, or just the water demonstrator.  By choosing the Massage Therapist or Acupuncturist you and your guest each get a 10min personal session of which service you prefer and then you get to try out the Anespa Mineral Spa for 10 minutes. After the nice relaxing time our demonstrator with show you why the water you have been drinking is important along with why this shower unit is different.   

What you and your guest will need to bring with you:
*A Robe or Comfy loungewear
*Slippers if you prefer
*Luffa of your own

*Your favorite body wash

The Agenda for the party:
*Meet and mingle
*Massage/Acupuncture and Shower rotations
*Water Demo
*Massage/Acupuncture and Shower rotations

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